Album / Welcome Road    Year / 2010

With a brand new forthcoming album called, Welcome Road, The Lees have launched the first single, ’It Ain‘t Me Babe‘, the classic Bob Dylan song made famous by Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash.

It‘s a new direction for the band and it comes from a place of respect, love and shared experience.

Produced by Roger Corbett at The Valley Studio, Welcome Road is a mature and sensitive work, honoring them as individuals, sharing stories, expressing points of view and celebrating the similarities, differences and idiosyncrasies of being a family.

Album / Time To Kill    Year / 2006

The Lees 2006 release is a strange style to describe. If you mixed Johnny Cash with Kasey Chambers and then threw in a little bit of punk grunge influence, you’d probably have something that sounded a little bit like The Lees’ “Time To Kill”

Album / The Lees    Year / 2000

This was the beginning for The Lees – the album that started it all. Produced by alt-country legend Bill Chambers, the is the sweetest of The Lees 3 albums. The girls voices are young and innocent, with many tales to tell of lost love and other subjects well beyond their years. The songwriting is amazing, and even more so when you look through the credits and look at the ages of the kids. Steve and Tracey hold the whole band together on bass and lead guitar. The album is a mixture of Rockabilly and pop, held firm by country roots. Their first originals album is sure to touch anyone on the first listen.