First single from The Lees new album is #5 on the Charts!

May 05 2010

Hey everybody,

Wow, what a big couple of days! So me, Mum, Dad and Sav are in North Carolina doing some promotion for Dad’s solo album & then heading to Nashville for a few meetings, but i am still suffering from jetlag! Isn’t it funny that we say “suffering”? I mean, i’m not really suffering, i’m just really tired at all the wrong hours!

We’ve been here in NC for 2 days and i get a message from our producers lovely wife, Amanda O’Bryan, to tell me that our single, “It Ain’t Me Babe” has reached #5 on the Country Music Charts! Here’s proof: Top 30 Charts!

Thank you everybody who has helped in making this happen!

Well i have to be off, it’s time (in Australia) to sleep so i have to go get some coffee so that i can stay awake until my bedtime, which embarrasingly, is 8:30pm. Oh my.

Raech xo