The Lees & Tamworth…

Hey friends of The Lees,

Well here we are, sitting in our little school room that we hire at Tamworth every year. How many years have we been coming here for now? It has to be at least 12! I remember when we started out by busking on the street in front of the Central Hotel!

We have a new album out and our launch is at Tamworth! On Friday the 22nd starting at 10pm at the Tudor Hotel. And no, we aren’t busking! We are really proud of this new album “Welcome Road” and i really think that after a 4 year break, these are some of the best songs of our career. The first single is “It Ain’t Me Babe”, the old Bob Dylan classic and will be playing on CMC starting this week so look out for it!

You can buy our new CD on this site, just check out the merchandise section. It’s only $25 so we hope you will support our newest album and truly love each of the songs on it!

Well it’s time to get back to changing my guitar strings, maybe i’ll see you out and about at the festival?

Raech & The Lees xo

The Lees New Album

Right now, we are finishing off our brand new album, produced by none other than Mr Roger Corbett (musical genius) of the Bushwackers. We are quite proud of this album and it will be released later this year. We will be starting pre-orders very soon for everyone on our mailing list so keep your eyes peeled for lee updates!

Our tour dates are a bit slim at the moment as we have been busy not only with the album but lots of other adventures! Steve and Jarod just got back from 3 weeks in Africa, Tracey and Savannah took part in City to Surf and Sav and Raechel have been sleeping and working (you figure out who does what)..

Thanks to all the people who replied to my message about picking up your free stuff, we appreciate all the support we get from out fans and friends!

We’re playing at the Ben Hall Festival in Forbes in October which we have never played at before so we’re looking for to seeing a few of you there!

Til next time,

The Lees xo