The Lees reach #25 for biggest track of 2010…

Jan 01 2011

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a while since we last posted an update and so I thought that this exciting announcement was as good a reason as any to give you all an update.

As I said above, our track “It Ain’t Me Babe” has been announced as the 25th biggest song on country music radio during 2010 – quite an achievement and we are very proud! You can see the link here: CMR Top 50 of 2010

The Lees will be taking some time off to work on a whole bunch of different things this year.

As you may know, Steve has released an album titled “I Like Guns” and it has been recieving worldwide sucess especially in the USA. You can follow his travels on his facebook or at Of course the rest of us Lees make regular appearances on his album and in his filmclips so make sure you check that out. 

Mum, or Tray as we like to call her will finally get her life back as there is only Savannah left at home now, and she told me the other day that she’s been looking after children since she was 18 years old! So she is going to re-live her childhood and go out drinking every night. Thats a lie, there will be no drinking, but there will be a whole lot of new projects she is taking on including working with the youth in our town with and also beginning her new career.

As you all should know, I am married now (to a really good guy who is way too nice for me) and we are both relocating to Sydney in early February. This is the first time that I’ll be living in a different town from my parents and so I am a little sad but know that I can’t just hang out with Tray drinking coffee for the rest of my life. I will be working with a prestigious country music booking agency and I am really excited about this opportunity. I also be continuing my university studies and doing that wife thang.

Jarod and Faith have both been living and working in Penrith for the past year in youth refuges and they are both incredibly esteemed in their jobs. I don’t know how they work in such a highly demanding role but they both do it with ease. Jarod is continuing his role in this industry while Faith is just about to start a fashion design degree which I think she will be amazing in, as she is much more stylish than me.

And that leaves Savannah. Savannah is a bit of a wild card. She just turned 17 and up until about 6 months ago she was destined to be an actor and was determined to go to acting school. But about 6 months ago she made Jarod drive her to a bible college open house in Sydney and then decided that she wanted to do bible college instead of being a famous actress. So this year, she will be beginning an internship with a local church and studying by distance.

And that is everyone. Oh except for our cute new baby staffi dog named Frankie. She’s just planning on ripping up everything in the house until dad kicks her out forever. But until then, nothing is safe!

Well thats it for now. I will keep updating from time to time and all of our merch and CD’s will still be for sale and we will also do the odd show every now and then.

Hope you are all well!

All our love,

Raechel & The other lees’es